João Nunes, Aurora Tang, Sarah Cowles, Karen M'Closkey, Steven Handel, Brett Milligan, Elene Irwin, Roland Gustavsson, Dorothee Imbert, Elizabeth Mossop, Richard Hindle, Michael Mercil, Michel Desvigne, Georges Descombes, Marc Treib

Symposium | THIS IS A TEST: Landscape as Site for Research: April 1-  2, 2016

THIS IS A TEST: Landscape as Site for Research assembles designers, scholars, scientists and artists to discuss the role of experimentation, research and prototyping in the wider field of landscape architecture. Today’s landscape architects draw from the methodology of agronomists, foresters and horticulturists as well as from art experiments to analyze ecological patterns and generate design proposals—from garden to river and forest. Often small in scale, these experimentations inform larger landscape systems and offer a measure for spatial, material and ecological conditions. THIS IS A TEST celebrates the 100th anniversary of Landscape Architecture at The Ohio State University by building on the legacy of a land grant institution, namely the connection to agriculture and the reliance on empirical research.

The symposium is organized by Dorothée Imbert and Sarah Cowles and is co-sponsored by the Graham Foundation, The Ohio State University College of Engineering and the Wexner Center for the Arts.


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