Katherine Beaton, Katie Pettee, charette

Joan Walbert, model

Joan Walbert, grading sketch

Katherine Beaton, Katie Pettee, model

Caitlin Brett, Nevin Lesnoski, artist study model

Mariel Fink, Christa Radosavljevic, Laren Handelton. Site plan

Mariel Fink, Christa Radosavljevic, Laren Handelton. Project renderings

Mariel Fink, Christa Radosavljevic, Laren Handelton. Project renderings

Caitlin Brett, site model


In Columbus, Ohio, downtown redevelopment projects like the Arena District, the Grange Audubon Center, the Scioto Mile, the dam removal projects, and the new arts district in Franklinton are drawing people downtown to eat, live, work, drink and play. These projects are used in recruiting materials to lure both workers and executives to relocate corporate facilities to Columbus In this studio, we will design a 160-acre, intensely programmed public sports landscape connecting the Arena District, Victorian Village, the Columbus bikeway system, the Scioto River and Franklinton.

Studio participants were tasked with creating a vibrant sports landscape that will be used from before dawn to midnight, all year round. Consider this landscape to be the anti-Scioto Audubon Park , with highly-articulated topography, distinct circulation and urban design connections, an intentional, urban approach to vegetation, and contemporary material palette.


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